How can I enroll as a registered guest at Gujarat Bhawan?

Please visit www.gujaratbhawan.com, and click "New User" on the left side.  Please fill the details asked in the form, and click "Register".  Be sure to enter a login name and password that you can remember.  Please also enter a valid email address and mobile number, so that we can send you notifications.

Your membership request will be placed for approval of one of our senior officers.  You will thereafter receive an SMS / email notification when they approve your request.  From that point on, you will be able to login to the website using your login name and password.

Why should I enroll at GujaratBhawan.com?

Gujarat Bhawan has recently implemented a comprehensive ICT solution, specially developed by Peach Computers for us.  The ICT system helps us improve the quality of our service to you.  To increase our transparency, we have prepared a special module for guests to login, so that you can directly make reservation requests, and check their status.  You can keep your profile up-to-date so that we can send you relevant notifications by SMS and email.  We also request that you use the feature to give us feedback on your past stays, so that we can continually improve our services.

Am I already enrolled at GujaratBhawan.com?

If you have visited the Gujarat Bhawan during the past year, it is very likely that you have already been enrolled to access GujaratBhawan.com.  Please contact our front desk team at 011-4627-3200 to get the details of your registration.

Am I eligible for membership at GujaratBhawan.com?

All officers of the Government of Gujarat are automatically eligible for membership of GujaratBhawan.com.  Further, some central government officials, officers of other states, as well as distinguished state guests are also eligible to avail the online facilities of GujaratBhawan.com.

Can I make a reservation online?

Yes, you can!  Please log in with your login name and password at GujaratBhawan.com.  Please click ”New User”, and fill out the form, stating your expected arrival and departure schedules, as well as the type and number of rooms that you wish to have.  We will send you a confirmation by SMS / email when your reservation is approved.  We will also notify you in the unlikely event that we cannot accommodate you for some critical reason.

Can I check the confirmation of my reservations online?

Yes, of course!  You can click ”Rooms” to see a list of all your current and past reservations.  You can see the status and check if a given reservation is approved or not.

Can I request transport services online?

Certainly!  In case you are planning to stay at the Bhawan, and wish to request pick-up service from the airport or railway station, please fill your request while making your reservation online.  In case you wish to make an independent request for transport, please click “Rooms -> Create new reservation” and fill out the form.  We will send you the details of the vehicle and driver by SMS when your request is approved.

I wish to know more about Gujarat.  Please guide me!

It is always our pleasure welcoming guests to Gujarat, and introducing our traditions and our rich heritage.  You can check information about senior officials, political leaders, RTI, etc. by clicking on appropriate links on the right of this screen.

If you wish to find more information about departments of the Government of Gujarat, please click here or visit www.gswan.gov.in.  To get more tourist information, please click here or visit www.gujarattourism.com. To get general information about the state, please click here to access the official portal of Gujarat, www.GujaratIndia.com.

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